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Experienced Los Angeles movers

When it comes to relocating in Los Angeles, choosing 5 POINTS as your moving company is an exceptional decision for several reasons. Firstly, we understand the city like no other. Our deep familiarity with the various neighborhoods, traffic patterns, and building regulations in Los Angeles makes us highly efficient, ensuring your move happens seamlessly and within the anticipated timeline.

Secondly, at 5 POINTS, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team comprises of professional, experienced, and courteous movers who treat each item with utmost care, whether it's a precious family heirloom or a bulky piece of furniture. Moreover, we provide transparent pricing with no hidden charges, so you know exactly what to expect. So, for a stress-free, efficient, and friendly moving experience in Los Angeles, 5 POINTS is the moving company of choice

Local Movers in Los Angeles and nearby

If you're seeking a local moving company in Los Angeles, look no further. With a deep understanding of the city's unique challenges and dynamics, our team offers professional, efficient, and personalized moving services to cater to your specific needs. From navigating through the city's diverse neighborhoods to managing the intricacies of local regulations, our experienced movers are equipped to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

Here are some moving services we provide in

Los Angeles Area:

Apartment/condo moving
Furniture moving
Home moving
Local moving: we specialize in all types of local moving
Long distance moving


Why should I order a professional moving company in Los Angeles?

Engaging with a professional moving service in Los Angeles, CA ensures your move is streamlined and efficient. Beyond merely packing and transferring your items, we offer services of qualified movers. They not only handle the loading and unloading but also prioritize the safety of your belongings. Securing the services of a certified moving company in LA assures you of a seamless and worry-free move.

Are my items protected against potential harm or loss during transit?

Absolutely, your items are in safe hands, because we provide quality moving services in Los Angeles. It's crucial to select the most suitable Valuation protection tailored to your requirements. Options range from Basic Liability Protection to Comprehensive Replacement Value Coverage.

How do I secure a reservation of movers in Los Angeles?

The process is straightforward. Reach out to us to verify availability and discuss any queries related to your relocation. Next, navigate to the reservation section on our platform, acquaint yourself thoroughly with the terms of service, and input all requisite details. Upon completion, you'll get a detailed confirmation letter regarding your relocation specifics.

When should I schedule my Los Angeles relocation?

It's recommended to book your local movers in Los Angeles as early as possible.While we can often accommodate last-minute requests or smaller moves on short notice, generally, scheduling a week ahead is advisable.

Do you offer furniture assembly and disassembly services?

Certainly, any furniture that our Los Angeles movers disassemble during the move will be proficiently reassembled at your new address. We can sometimes assemble items that were taken apart previously, but this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Is there minimum amount of hours for the moving service?

Indeed, there's a set minimum duration when engaging a moving company in Los Angeles. Typically, the minimum commitment ranges from 3 to 4 hours, varying with the service provider. So, if your relocation takes an 2 hours and a half, you'll still be billed for the 3-hour base rate. However, this rule isn't applicable for long-haul relocations.

What's the estimated price of movers in Los Angeles?

The cost of your move predominantly hinges on its scale and the specific services you enlist. The most reliable method to gauge your moving expenses is to request a complimentary quote. Most relocation services extend cost-free digital or telephonic estimates. For moves within the city, an in-person assessment can offer the most precise valuation. Therefore, initiate a dialogue with potential movers and provide a comprehensive inventory of items earmarked for relocation.

If I hire local movers in Los Angeles, will they offer a discount?

Several relocation agencies might have ongoing promotions or discounts. It's always a good strategy to inquire about any available offers that could result in savings. Raising such queries when considering moving agencies can sometimes result in unexpected cost reductions.